Let's Improve Quality of Life and Santa Fe’s Image!

Rivera Plaza sign


First and foremost, I am running for City Council because I care about Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is my hometown.

Having grown up here, I realize what makes Santa Fe special.

Some say Santa Fe has ‘lost it sparkle’. Santa Fe certainly seems to have lost the recipe for being the clean, safe city everyone recognizes.

I would like to see Santa Fe return to being a clean, safe, vibrant city for those who live here and those who visit here. To get that sparkle back, Santa Fe must decide to reclaim its reputation and its values and make them the basis for ordinance priorities, enforcement, and spending.

I want to ensure attention and priorities are given toward safeguarding the city and providing a better quality of life for the citizens who live here.

Santa Fe deserves meaningful investments in infrastructure. We need to drive these investments to the community, street, park, and waterway level.

Santa Fe deserves completed investments. We must hold the city accountable for delivering the very basics of services and maintenance. This includes financial audits and financial transparency.

Santa Fe deserves a better understanding of our efforts to ensure city service providers are being housed by affordable housing.

Santa Fe deserves a better understanding of its water quantity and quality.

Santa Fe cannot be anything to anyone if we are broken everywhere!

It will be my role to ask the questions and ensure the answers, as well as the voice of the citizens, are heard.

We are all stakeholders in Santa Fe.

Let us advocate for putting Santa Fe citizens first.

I ask for your support in my campaign for City Council for District 1.

Let’s get our city back to what we know it can be.

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